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20-10-2014· POROUS ASPHALT: CONSIDERATION FOR USE 6. Porous asphalt is a good product for local roads, parking lots and trails. •Parking lots are tough test-low speed turning motions •Resist temptation to mix porous with impermeable pavements in same section •Depth of section can be an issue on high volume roads-consider pervious concrete to avoid existing utilities and for life cycle cost

Guidance on the permeable surfacing of front gardens - GOV.UK

• Using permeable block paving, porous asphalt or concrete. You can also combine the methods in a single garden to get an interesting appearance (A Royal Horticultural Society leaflet and their website give more information – See Section 6). The most appropriate construction will depend on factors such as the space


3.any variations to the standard drawings shall be approved by the overseeing organisation before construction. ... sd/500/15 headwall type 4 brickwork construction - outfall detail ... sd/1100/22 permeable concrete block paving sd/1100/23 ...

Porous Asphalt Pavement Design, Construction and Maintenance

Porous Asphalt Pavement Development •Concepts developed by the Franklin Institute under US EPA grant – 1972 ... •Constructing a porous pavement system •Ensuring long life through proper maintenance . OHIO RIDES ON US . OHIO RIDES ON US Highly permeable asphalt surface .


PERMEABLE PAVEMENT MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATION TO COMPLEMENT PERMCALC DESIGN SUGGESTIONS Brett Landscaping Sileby Road Barrow upon Soar Leicestershire LE12 8LX Commercial Support Phone: 0845 60 80 579 Fax: 0845 60 80 575 [email protected] B re tL a nds cp ig oh lv f :

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19-02-2013· Grassguard Permeable Paving | Marshalls.co.uk from Porous asphalt pavements offer developers and planners a new tool in their toolbox for managing storm water. Porous asphalt pavements are designed for dual duty. Porous pavement has been practiced since the 1960s in europe for the construction of airport runway 5. See more ...

Pervious Pavement Design Guidance - UNI-GROUP U.S.A

Other terms such as 'permeable pavement' or 'porous pavement' are used in literature to describe what Caltrans has termed "pervious pavement." Pervious pavements consist of a surface layer made of either asphalt or concrete (cast-in-place or interlocking concrete units). 1.3 Benefits Benefits of pervious …

Porous Asphalt

Porous Asphalt. Porous Asphalt is a reliable, trustworthy company with 20 years of experience as experts in laying, resurfacing, and maintaining porous asphalt surfaces.We can advise you to ensure you get the most suitable surface for your requirements whilst remaining cost-effective and affordable.


England All construction types Use without restriction Departure required New Yes Thin Surface Course System Porous Asphalt Construction or No High Yes Thin Surface Course System Hot Rolled Asphalt Major (minor) speed? Porous Asphalt Maintenance? (85%ile Surface Dressing above 65 Exposed Aggregate Concrete km/hr) (note 1) Brushed/Burlap Drag/Tined

Permeable Paving – Interpave

This document brings together a variety of construction details, demonstrating best practice to make permeable paving and SuDS robust and durable over the long-term. Design Example This document provides a comprehensive illustration of the engineering design process set out in Sections 6 - 10 of ' Design & Construction of Concrete Block Permeable Pavements ', Edition 7:2018.

Structural Design Guide for Porous Asphalt is now ...

02-08-2018· Structural Design Guide for Porous Asphalt is now available. Porous asphalt pavements are a green infrastructure solution that provides the performance, ease of construction, and functionality of traditional asphalt pavements but with a permeable structure that helps manage stormwater.

The SuDS Manual - Marshalls

The main types of surfaces used as part of pervious pavement construction are: modular permeable paving porous asphalt grass reinforcement resin bound gravel porous concrete 20 Chapter Pervious pavements This chapter provides guidance on the design of pervious pavements –

Permeable Driveways and Patios Including how and why you ...

Constructing a permeable driveway is a project that requires a greater understanding than an impermeable one, so it is wise to use a qualified contractor. See here for reliable contractors . If you have a clay type soil which does not readily absorb water then extra work might be required to ensure that the water does not soak through the drive surface and simply sit in a "puddle" in the ...

Understanding Permeable Paving - Interpave

Permeable Pavements – Guide to the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Concrete Block Permeable Pavements, available from, offers far more technical detail and is considered to be the definitive design, construction and maintenance guidance for CBPP. The need for sustainable drainage

Breedon Group

Commonly used asphalts in the UK are asphalt concretes (previously termed 'bituminous macadams' or 'bitmacs'), hot rolled asphalts (HRAs), and stone mastic asphalts (SMAs). Asphalts can further be grouped into roadbase, binder and surface courses, each providing a different function in flexible pavement construction.

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George C. Wang, in The Utilization of Slag in Civil Infrastructure Construction, 2016 Porous pavement. Steel slag is an excellent aggregate for porous asphalt mixes. Porous HMA can be 45–55 mm thick, and placed over an impermeable layer to protect underlying layers from the penetration of water. A dense layer is normally required beneath the porous asphalt layer.

BREEDONPorous System - Largest Independent Construction ...

BREEDONPorous System. Technical Specifications. When tested in accordance with DD229: 1996, BREEDONPorous has been found to have a relative hydraulic conductivity in excess of 0.2s-1, and a water infiltration rate greater than 12,000mm/hr, when determined in accordance with BS EN 12616: 2003.. This denotes a free-draining system with in situ voids of around 20%, a horizontal permeability of ...


porous asphalt base course trench soakaway construction scale 1:20 non-woven geotextile to be laid to base and sides of soakaway, with 1m overlap with impermeable membrane 900 3000-4000 - see drainage ga 52.000m aod 51.100m aod depth varies but mirror wider porous car par details (subject to ground level) typical rwp soakaway construction scale ...

Porous Asphalt Pavement for Stormwater Management

Porous Asphalt can be used in replace of traditional stormwater management measures given the proper conditions. Porous Asphalt's primary advantages are: 1. Quantity and Flood Control ... • Proper Construction Stabilization and Erosion Control are Required to Prevent Clogging

Permeable Tarmacadam Quote. Free Survey, Design and …

Permeable tarmacadam or asphalt is also known as porous or pervious, though in the trade it is almost always referred to as open-graded tarmacadam and in simple terms is merely the standard hot-mix product with reduced sand or fines (finely graded aggregates) which enables water to drain through it.


POROUS ASPHALT (MACADAM) Porous Asphalt is a porous surface that remains a very popular surface representing approximately 80% of courts in the UK. Porous Asphalt can be played on in most weather conditions for twelve months of the year and the life expectancy is typically ten to twelve years depending on method of construction,

Development of a Specification for Porous Asphalt ...

make the use of porous pavements impractical. Typically, porous asphalt pavement surfaces have air voids in excess of 18% at the time of construction as compared to properly constructed, dense-graded asphalt pavements with air void contents in the 3%-8% air voids range. The high air void percentages of porous asphalt pavements tend to

Road Pavement Design Guide - Kent County Council

• Hot Rolled Asphalt wearing course has been substituted with Thin Surfacing • Concrete Block paving design is included within British Standards, but the key tables are included. For the new construction of heavily trafficked roads and motorways the design guide is identical to that published by HA.

UNHSC Design Specifications for Porous Asphalt Pavement ...

Porous asphalt pavement refers to the compacted mix of modified asphalt, aggregate, and additives. C. The porous asphalt pavement specified herein is modified after the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) specification outlined in Design, Construction, and Maintenance Guide for Porous Asphalt Pavements, Information Series 131 (2003 ...

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